African Heritage and Culture

The Beauty of Our African Roots” is an event celebrating diversity, unity, and the power of Africa. This is an opportunity for youth to showcase the skills, culture, and traditions that come from the vast continent of Africa. We aim to bring joy and knowledge while acknowledging the rich diversity of the continent. Each group, with a maximum of 12 youth, will represent their native country’s culture and traditions through songs, skits, and poems, and later compete with other groups on June 29th. The students must be between 12-24 years old and reside in WA.


AYDEPI supports school-aged youth between 12-24 years with a range of educational services, including tutoring and academic support, college and career guidance, financial aid application assistance (FAFSA and WAFSA applications), essay writing, workshops on study skills, time management, and goal setting, as well as personalized educational support tailored to students’ needs. We also offer support in African native languages, including Lingala, French, Portuguese, Swahili, and Arabic.

Environmental Project

Through the Youth Environmental Activism Project, AYDEPI, in partnership with King County Parks, has organized a series of environmental volunteer events this summer aimed at improving public parks. More than 30 students and a few parents/navigators will participate in each event, working together to remove ivy, plant of native trees, and watering the plants to aid in conservation. These events help maintain and enhance the natural habitat for all to enjoy and provide youth with a sense of community. The events are open to all ages.

Mental Health and Well-being

Teen Mental Health First Aid Training targets youth between 15-18 years of age, primarily of African descent. This group is vulnerable and often unable to navigate mental health resources. Additionally, we aim to end the stigma and taboos within our community, bringing hope to those affected. We plan to support and train 20 students. Valley Cities will also train parents and youth advocates/navigators to become Mental Health First Aiders, enabling them to support themselves while also assisting others and connecting them to resources.