AYDEPI is a Non Profit Organisation that aims to Enrich, Enhance & Empower the lives of African Descendants based in Washington State.

Youth directly supported
Peer Leaders


AYDEPI aims to create sustainable measures to build resilience in vulnerable African, African/American youth.

  • Key Areas of Operation:
    • Education
    • Socio-economic interventions
    • Mental health awareness
    • Substance abuse and prevention
    • Suicide prevention
    • Crime prevention
    • Homelessness


Assessing Needs: In 2019, we conducted an in-depth assessment of the African, African/American communities in Washington, specifically focusing on youth aged 14 to 25. Through this assessment, we identified key issues raised by the youth, including mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, engagement in gang groups, fear, and limited access to resources for self-improvement.

Inclusive Planning: Based on the needs assessment, we developed a comprehensive plan that aims to include vulnerable youth and prioritize their perspectives. We believe in involving youth in advocating for their rights and creating positive change in their communities.



Youth Mentorship and Leadership Development

Service Delivery

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Partnership and Collaboration

Success Stories

We love working with AYDEPI, and are excited to continue to deepen our relationship through collaborative service and education projects in our parks.

In 2023:

3 day service @ Lake Geneva Park:

120 volunteers total or 360 total service hours, 4,650 sq. ft. of land maintained, 60 plants installed, 11 gallons of garbage removed, 2

cubic yards of mulch moved

In 2022:

4 service days @ Lake Geneva Park:

92 volunteers total or 276 total service hours, 844 sq. ft. of land maintained, 185 plants installed

In 2021:

4 service days @ Lake Geneva Park:

64 volunteers total or 192 total service hours, 2,691 sq. ft. of land maintained, 25 Ivy Rings removed

Nick Musso (he/him/his)
Volunteer Coordinator
King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks

In January 2024, one of the youth leaders got a full university scholarship. Being a youth leader was recognized in her scholarship award letter: “We were excited by your involvement as an AYDEPI youth leader. Terrific! After receiving the good news, the student had this to say to the founder, Ms. Kiraguri “Thank you Beatrice for everything you have done for me and allowing me to participate in this program. Your efforts don’t go to waste this program allowed me showcase one of my highlight as an effective leader in the community. Aydepi help me get accepted into one of my choices of school with scholarships as well! God continuing blessing you always”.

Youth Leader

On January 16th, 2023, AYDEPI happened to receive this email;

“Hello, my name is H. Mohamed I’m 20 years old I’m a student at (Hidden) college. I’ve been going homelessness for the past 3 years now and I’ve recently been introduced to Aydepi youth program by a close friend of mine. I’ve tried to apply for an apartment which I will be able to pay however I don’t make enough credit. I work two jobs I work part time (Hidden) and I’m Also a Hairstylist at (Hidden). I need someone to co-sign for me because I don’t have enough. If you could reach out to me I would really appreciate it. My phone number is (Hidden).”

The email prompted the AYDEPI office staff to collaborate with the rental apartment manager to complete her application. The founder, Ms. Kiraguri, agreed to co-sign the room, and on February 3rd, the key to the apartment was handed over to Ms. Mohamed. Until now, she continues to reside there, attending college and working. Here’s what she had to say:

“I got the apartment key yesterday (02/03/2023) I just want to say thank you so much this wouldn’t had happened if it wasn’t for you thank you”