Beatrice Kiraguri

The visionary behind AYDEPI. As the Executive Director and Founder, Beatrice Kiraguri is committed to empowering youth and fostering a safe space where young individuals can thrive. With a passion for social impact, she has dedicated her career to creating opportunities and resources that inspire and uplift the next generation.

Stanley Kaguima

Stanley Kaguima is a Youth Mentor who has worked with the youth in the US and Kenya. He is an advocate for young people empowerment through education, leadership, entrepreneurship, and quality employment. Stanley has a passion to see that the youth identify their talents and abilities and utilize them to realize their full potential.

Bekmay Kayembe

With an unwavering commitment to advancing human rights, Bekmey Kayembe tirelessly promotes the legal instruments of national and international protection. Their extensive knowledge in this field have positioned them as a catalyst for change, advocating for the fundamental rights and liberties of individuals across the globe.

Lilian Mathenge – Dudek

Lilian, an educator and published author, now resides in the USA. With a background in teaching and lecturing, she currently works as an educator in the Shelton School District. Lilian’s passion for youth development is evident through her experiences as a mentor in organizations like Change Makers Club and Promentors Africa.


Fiona Okech

A dynamic 22-year-old youth director at AYDEPI. Currently attending WSU, Fiona is on a mission to be the voice of youth and make a lasting impact in her community through her work with AYDEPI. With a passion for empowering young individuals, Fiona brings enthusiasm and dedication to her role, ensuring that the voices of youth are heard.

Buthaina Al habsi

A dedicated IT administrator at AYDEPI. At the age of 23, Buthaina is pursuing her studies at WSU in Statistics while actively contributing to the organization’s mission. With a unique vision to bridge the gap between youth and their parents, she is passionate about fostering understanding and communication within families.

Ashley Stephen

Ashley, a vibrant 20-year-old Office Administrator at AYDEPI. Currently pursuing her studies at Saint Martin University. Her commitment to creating a positive impact is evident in her role, where she efficiently manages office operations while enthusiastically engaging with young individuals which reflects her dedication to both personal growth and community betterment.

Mariam Diawara

Mariam, our enthusiastic Program Assistant with a flair for fashion and a heart for youth. As a devoted volunteer at AYDEPI, Mariam’s dedication shines brightly as she contributes her time and expertise to empower and uplift the next generation. Her love for fashion is matched only by her love for making a positive difference in the lives of others.