Community Dialogue

The year 2020 – 2021 has been a tough year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and therefore most community dialogues happened through webinars/zoom. In September 2021, AYDEPI, in Partnership with Outta the Box, conducted a one-day session dialogue comprised of several youth representatives from the two organizations, key community leaders, educators, navigators, and religious leaders.

This crucial meeting aimed to discuss sensitive conversations that youth felt the need to address since they predominantly affect them and their communities. Five key issues addressed were domestic violence, crime, drugs & alcohol, incarceration, rape & pornography.   

2 Comments On “Community Dialogue”

  1. Good to see such a forum that caters for our youth.


  2. Conversations like this do not happen often, especially within the African community with the youth actually speaking up. This is my favorite post because it gives way for youth to finally have a voice in speaking up for themselves and their community.


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