Stop Underage Drinking

We conducted a survey on youth between the ages of 14-20 years on their experience with alcohol. This survey reached 68 youth, and from the results, we understood the youth relationship with underage drinking. We were able to ask questions that helped us identify the youth introduction to alcohol and the different environments that led to underage drinking. During the survey, we noticed many youths were not enrolled in schools. This survey will help us address more issues beyond underage drinking. After concluding the survey, we brought together community leaders and youth to discuss underage drinking. We had a panel of 5 people, including one Aydepi Youth member, two community youth leaders, one parent/ community navigator, and one program manager. During the discussion, they covered how underage drinking affects our communities, why youth drink, and what the communities can do to prevent underage drinking. In the future, we hope we can survey more to understand if there are correlations between underage drinking and other community issues such as low school enrollment. We hope to continue solving the problem of underage drinking in our community and finding sustainable solutions for our youth.

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